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​​You provide the space and we do all the rest at NO COST TO YOU EVER.

Customized art panels with your logo

Design and made in Southern California

We custom build to fit you space

Lavanderia Profit $haring Toy Vending Program

On locations sample photos 

5 selection toys and candy fun station 30" wide 24" tall perfect under counters

2 selection toy station 23" wide 

2 selection toy station 18" space

Southern California Premier Bulk Vending Company

Serving Southern California for Over 30 Years

Space needed as little as 18" x 23"

Scroll down to view a few of our equipment models we offer our customers as part of our toy vending profit sharing program.

we have the the equipment that was design to fit in tight spaces and turn this unused space into profit centers

Not a lot of space ? 

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Southern California 

30" 2 Horse Carousel

smaller foot print than any other carousel on the market ideal for Lavanderia type of locations