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Southern California Premier Bulk Vending Company

Serving Southern California for Over 30 Years

The Service We Provide

Discount stores



Southern California Permier Bulk Vending Company

Serving Southern California For Over 30 Years

Batting Cages

Kids Indoor Playground

Mall/Shopping Centers

Truck Stops-Travel Center

Retail and Service Industry

Amusment/Sports/Recreational Industry

Resturants/Food Industry

Type Of Business We Service

We install the equipment that you select, stock it with merchandise,Service it at regular intervals determined by sales volume, and than payYour company a percentage of the sales. It is that simple 

How it Works

 Our Program Utilizes unused space, requires no time, effort or expense from your company. Adds value to customer’s experience, and your bottom line.

Our Program Advantage

To capture otherwise lost revenue ,through attractive machines,Placed in high visibility areas, dispensing popular products , most of Which are unique to bulk vending.

The Bulk Vending Concept

the toy vending company is one of the Largest Bulk vending company in the Southern California market. We have been serving hundreds of all types of business for over 30 years.